TESCOM Vacuum Blender – Life-Changing Technological Innovation !!!

Tescom released the world’s first automated vacuum blender in 2013. The new concept of a blender, which has vacuum technology integrated into a high-speed grinder, prevents oxidation and provides you with fresh fiber and nutritional smoothies.

Tescom Denki Co. Ltd from Japan invented the world’s first automated Vacuum Blender

With a 30-year history in blender development and manufacturing, Tescom has found a way to make quaffable smoothies that don’t lose their quality, thanks to Tescom’s patented vacuum blending technology. Enjoy more vivid colours, fresher flavours and fiber with the magic of the soft vacuum technology of Tescom!  Tescom commands No.1 market share in the Blender category in Japan for 13 straight years! (Yearly results from April 2004 to March 2017 according to Gfk Japan of the aggregate sales reports of major consumer electronics retailers nationwide in Japan.)

From their Matsumoto hub, Tescom Engineering invented “gokusen” – the vacuum blender which preserves food freshness and nutrition to the highest level

Tescom operates their manufacturing, research and development, quality control and after-sales service from their world-class facility in the scenic countryside of Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture.

Tescom cares about the environment, and generate their own clean energy using solar panels. They have been recognized by the Matsumoto city government as industry leaders in sustainability.