Key Features
  • TWO Vacuum functions – Vacuum Blending and Vacuum Storage (Capacity: Blender Container – max 780ml to min 200ml, Smoothie Container: up to 780ml)
  • One touch automatic operation: Automatic setting for Vacuum blending and Vacuum storage (Vacuum until about 0.3 hpa), Pulse and ON and Cancel buttons for normal blending and crushing ice.
  • Black Titanium coating cutter : Stainless steel with black titanium coated blades stay sharp for a long time and can cut ice cubes
  • Easy clean Glass jug: glass jug can be removed from the base for easy washing
  • Low-style design (height 33cm) : space saving and easy to use.
Power AC220-240V 50/60Hz
Wattage 300W
Material Main body: ABS, Glass bottle: soda-lime glass
Capacity 780 ml
Dimension (mm) H325 x W148 x D274
Weight Main body: 2.2 kg, Container: approx. 1.5 kg, smoothie bottle: 340 g

The 2nd Generation Vacuum Blender

TMV1500AUis a technological leap from the standard (non-vacuum) blenders. The smoothies made from the Nobby by TESCOM Vacuum Blender TMV1500AU are made under vacuum condition, minimizing oxidation, thus creating a smoothie that have:

  • more vibrant colours matching the colours of your ingredients
  • smoother texture without minimal bubbles
  • prevent separation for hours
  • Higher nutritional values
  • Tastier

By storing it under vacuum condition, the taste, flavor and colours are retained, ensuring a fresh tasty smoothies any time of the day.

For more nutritious, healthier and tastier smoothies

Minimise Oxidization – The key element to a delicious beverage!


Tescom’s patented vacuuming technology

By locking the innovative vacuum arm to the container lid, any excess air within the container is immediately removed. This allows the Vacuum Blender to create a tasty, rich and smooth beverage in just one minute. Unlike traditional blenders, the vacuum blender allows you to sustain the high levels of nutrition within your ingredients.


Maintaining your Nutrition


The vacuum blender slows the loss of polyphenols, known for their excellent antioxidant properties. These antioxidants provide added Vitamin C which is known to enhance beauty and skin renewal as well as reducing physical and mental stress. It also slows the loss of vitamin A, lycopene, enzymes and other nutrients.




Appetizing Colour

When using conventional blenders, drinks with apples or bananas will quickly discolour and lose their visual appeal. The Nobby by TESCOM Vacuum Blender maintains the vibrant colours of the ingredients until the very last sip.
Note** The surface level of your juices / smoothies may discolour due to contact with the air.


Rich and Smooth – Even dietary fibers taste nice!


The Nobby by TESCOM vacuum blender removes typical air bubbles that tend to stick to ingredients containing nutritional fiber, causing the liquid to separate and develop an
unappealing residue. The end result is a rich and smooth drink that is superior in both taste
and texture.

Keep your beverages fresh longer with vacuum storage bottle


Vacuum storage bottle – store your smoothies under vacuum to ensure freshness for up to 8 hours.

The vacuum storage bottle allows your beverage to stay fresh for up to 8 hours after blending.
The nutritional content of your smoothie will also be kept in pristine condition for this duration.

Energy efficient motor from the latest Japanese technology

Why use up to 5 times the energy when you have the latest Japanese technology that is strong enough to blend hard ingredients like carrots or ice and energy efficient. This also greatly improves the quality of the smoothies by minimizing heat from the blades during the blending process.

Developed by Tescom – Number 1 Blender Manufacturer in Japan

With over 30 year’s experience in the development and manufacturing of blenders, Tescom has discovered an innovative way to create superior beverages that guarantee to sustain their quality and taste. This is thanks to new Nobby by Tescom Vacuum Blender, providing you with richness and smoothness with each and every use.

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