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Key Features
  • Fast Vacuum Function – around 20 seconds to reach the ultimate vacuum condition of 0.3 hpa
  • Set your blending time – select your blending time from 10-120 sec
  • Vacuum preservation Tumbler (400 ml) – World first vacuum preservation tumbler to keep freshness for up to 8 hours
  • 1.5 Litre – Light and unbreakable blender jug – New material, TRITAN which is BPA-FREE, dishwasher-durable, strong and clear material.
  • Award winning design – Good Design Award 2016.
  • Made in Japan – Manufactured at Matsumoto factory in Nagano, Japan.
Tescom’s 3rd Generation vacuum blender – the gokusen 2000 series is another step forward in terms of technology from the previous 2 models, TMV1000 and TMV1500, giving you a much smoother taste and colder drinks. ‘gokusen’ – meaning extremely fresh in Japanese, truly makes smoothies that are closest to your fresh ingredients. This freshness is achieved by vacuuming to 0.3 hpa, the same condition as those at the peak of Mount Everest, before blending begins. This minimizes oxidation of the ingredients, thereby retaining the freshness in colour, taste and most importantly, the nutritional values.
With the latest Japanese motor technology, the gokusen TMV2000AU comes with an energy efficient yet powerful 450W DC motor allowing you to blend hard materials like carrots or ice.
With patented vacuuming technology, the Nobby by TESCOM vacuum blender allows for fast and efficient vacuuming and blending, allowing you to operate up to 20 minutes*  before the overheating safety mechanism kicks in to prevent the unit from overheating.

Tescom Vacuum Blender – gokusen – brings more opportunities to your business !

The gokusen TMV2000AU is a commercial model that reduces the vacuuming time to around 20 sec, shortens the overall preparation time (vacuuming + blending time) to allow you to serve more drinks. Great tool for cafes, bars or restaurants providing fine dining experience on both food and drinks. The gokusen TMV2000AU will help you stand out from the pack.
How different are your smoothies/drinks from your competitors?
Now you can truly differentiate your smoothies from others – better presentation and simply taste better.
Appearance – no more bubbles or froth on top, delayed separation, more vivid colours to reflect the colours of your ingredients
Fresh Taste – no more bubbly or frothy taste, you can taste the freshness and smooth texture to make your drinking experience more enjoyable.
Convenience – our vacuum preservation tumblers allow you to make your drinks/sauce in advance and store for up to 8 hours with minimal loss of flavours, taste or nutritions, providing you with more flexibility during peak hours.
Innovative tool – with this new tool, its time to test out new dishes/drinks and take fine dining experience to a higher level!!!

How vacuum blender benefits your business
Juice bars


  • Bars and restaurants – you can now serve more drinks (smoothies or cocktails) with better presentation, freshness and taste that truly reflects fine dining experience
  • Room services – you can now serve more fresh drinks without worrying about changes in colour, separation or changing taste
  • Complements your fine dining experience with drinks that are more flavoursome and fresh Juice bars
  • Customers can buy the smoothies stored in vacuum preservation tumblers so they can drink it anywhere, anytime, fresh.


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