Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer
Model No.:  NTCD40AU
Power: AC 220-240 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 1350-1600W
Made in Japan
Warm air temperature: 120*C 2 Hot-Air Mode (When ambient temperature is 30*C)
Attachments: Concentrator, Collagen Box
Safety Features: Overheating prevention device (thermostat, thermal fuse)
Warranty: One year (excluding collagen cartridge)
Air Flow: 1.4m3/min
Weight: 680g (concentrator attached)

Worlds first collagen hair dryer

Using Tescom’s proprietary technologies, we present a hair dryer that will give you chic, soft and glossy tresses, while adding moisture and balance at the same time. The Beauty Collagen hair dryer is a revolutionary product that is taking the world by storm. Delivering an ultra-high-quality of hair styling products that are super-effective while being kind to the hair.
What is beauty collagen?

Beauty collagen is a combination of Tescom’s unique fine ions in which the same protein collagen as hair and skin, and negative ions (moisture in the air) are fused. This gives shinier and moisturised hair and keep colouring longer.

What is negative ions?

Negative ions reduce the static electricity and moisturize the hair. Therefore, it makes you hair shine, smooth and silky.



1.  Beauty collagen for a moisturized and silky hair

The collagen box may last up to 2 years assume 30 mins of daily usage. The collagen box may be purchased separated once used up.

2. Scalp care for a healthy scalp

Scalp care switch with (60˚C) temperature providing you with gentle air for your scalp.

3. Colour protection for up to 3 weeks

Use of beauty collagen hair daily can protect colouring for up to 3 weeks.

4.   UV protection from blow dry

Beauty collagen will create a protective layer on your hair, preventing the cuticles from damage caused by the sun.


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