About Tescom

TESCOM (or Nobby by TESCOM) is a home appliance manufacturer established in 1965 in Tokyo, Japan.
With the focus on “beauty” and “health”, TESCOM engages in the development, manufacture and
sale of beauty instruments, cooking utensils and health equipment.


Inventor of the world’s first automated vacuum blender

Tescom is an innovative home appliance manufacturer and has commanded the No. 1 blender market share in Japan for 13 consecutive years (2004-2017). Tescom released the world’s first automated vacuum blender in 2013 and has recently released its 4thgeneration of vacuum blender in Japan in 2018.

Beauty Collagen hair dryer – collagen in your hair
Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer (3-in-1: blow drying, moisturizing and UV protection)

No. 1 hair dryer market share in Japanese salons
Nobby brand was established in 1965 and has obtained strong support from Japanese salons and professional hair stylists.

“What we make” = “What customers tell us they want

– Message from the President / Corporate Philosophy –

The Tescom Group celebrated its 50th anniversary on October 1, 2015. Again, thank you and our business partners, thank you for the warm support of everyone concerned, thanks to the gift of patronage.

Based on the keyword of beauty and health, we have been engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of beauty instruments targeting women, cooking utensils, health equipment from the foundation in 1965. For professional  use Nobby brand, we are developing products to the salon industry from the company’s founding, continue to make products that are acknowledged by professionals, technical strength to realize durability and safety. The item that we produce is an item that solves the familiar problem of “It is convenient and happy if there is such a function”. It has been realized by shaping ideas frankly felt, such as pursuit of doubts and convenience which are born by thinking from the customer’s point of view. By continuing the challenge of shaping ideas, we have developed many of the world’s first products, and in recent years we have released a vacuum mixer that can be healthy, achieving the goals of “freshness, nutrition, deliciousness”. In order for us to survive in the future, it is important to take the customer’s voice seriously, multiply unique ideas and technologies, and make products that can be sympathized with customers.

Fifty years since foundation. We are still in the middle of growth, our origin is in the beauty and health of women. We will continue to support women who wish to be beautiful forever. We look forward to your further support in the future.

Corporate philosophy

Our company designs comfortable living with customers with products and services that make use of accumulated technologies and know-how. This “design” is not a form of a design, but to propose “richness” through each product and service pursuing “one’s self” of each customer. For that reason, we value our creation together, not one-way relationship with customers. We always think about what customers are seeking from the customer’s point of view. That is the origin of Tescom and is an inheritedbelief.